Discovery and Innovation

With your support we are generating knowledge and improving lives by investing in research enterprise, forward-thinking academic programs, and the talented faculty at the heart of both.


Student studies map on a computer at Emergency Operations Center

High-Demand Programs Prepare Students for Jobs

UAlbany has evolved over the years in response to the demands of students and the job market. This new mix of colleges and programs offers majors in high-growth, high-demand fields such as computer engineering, homeland security, emergency preparedness, digital forensics, and financial market regulation. In-demand academic programs attract more students, which will ultimately help UAlbany meet growing enrollment targets.

Two UAlbany professors discuss weather patterns

Cutting-Edge Research Advances Knowledge and Prosperity

UAlbany students and faculty collaborate on life-enhancing research in a wide range of areas—climate change, health disparities, cancer, and more—creating knowledge and enhance economic prosperity.

Your support advances their work by investing in early stage research, allowing it to progress so investigators can apply for outside grants; working with faculty who are new to the grant process; and convening interdisciplinary faculty to bring their expertise to complex issues.

Student conducts an experiment in a UAlbany lab

Fellowships Prepare Tomorrow’s Groundbreaking Thinkers

As a premier public research university, UAlbany advances knowledge for the betterment of society. This happens through the research graduate students pursue in the university’s doctoral programs, many of which are ranked among the nation’s top 50. Top graduate students follow graduate fellowships: the more a university has, the better graduate students it attracts.

Additional fellowships will strengthen our research mission, increase the faculty’s scholarly output, and propel the next generation of leading thinkers who will tackle some of today’s most pressing issues.

Additional Areas of Support