Student Philanthropy Ambassadors

Student Philanthropy Council

Student Ambassadors for the UAlbany Fund Student Philanthropy Council (SPC) are charged with promoting a culture of philanthropy at UAlbany by educating students, faculty, staff, and alumni on the importance of giving back. Under the leadership of students, in coordination with Student Affairs and University Advancement, the SPC organizes on-campus educational events and initiatives throughout the year, from promoting UAlbany Giving Challenges to leading the Class Gift program.  Activities and funds raised benefit the University at Albany, its student and programs.

Meet the 2021-2022 Ambassadors

Julianna DeFeo

Julianna DeFeo, President
Class Year: Junior 
Major: Chemistry
Other Clubs: Chemistry Club

Andrea Akers

Andrea AkersVice President
Class Year: Junior
Major: Sociology
Other Clubs: Student Activities, Chinese Student Association, East Asian Entertainment, Swim Club

Fiona H

Fiona Hernandez, Secretary/Historian
Class Year: Junior
Major: Journalism
Other Clubs: Circle K, Albany Student Press, UCAN Ambassador, Library Ambassador

Elena Johnson

Elena JohnsonSocial Media Coordinator
Class Year: Junior
Major: Communications
Other Clubs: Red Cross, Circle K

Desire Jimenez-Pichardo

Desire Jimenez-Pichardo
Class Year: Sophomore 
Major: Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security, & Cybersecurity / Spanish
Other Clubs: NSLS

Yehara Gutierrez

Yehara Gutierrez
Class Year: Sophomore
Major: Human Biology

Kaitlyn Trezzo

Kaitlyn Trezzo
Class Year: Senior
Major: Accounting
Other Activities: Beta Alpha Psi, UAlbany Fund Engagement Center

Alex Benjamin

Alex Benjamin
Class Year: Senior
Major: Political Science
Other Activites: UAlbany Fund Engagement Center

Alna Joseph

Alna Joseph
Class Year: Sophomore
Major: Business Administration
Other Activities: WEB, ABLE, ASIA

Additional 2021-22 Ambassadors

Sarah Altiero
Daniel Bellacicco
Audrey Fountain
Sri Ganeshaan
Imari Roque
Kelly Xiao 

UAlbany Advancement Staff Advisors: Carli Korik and Lisa Gonzalez


Interested in becoming a Student Philanthropy Ambassador?

Time Commitment:  

  • The SPC meets once per month during each academic semester (~3X)
  • Ambassadors are asked to sign up to table and participate in other SPC activities 1-2 times per semester.  

In previous academic years, activities have included tabling in the Campus Center and LCs during the fall and spring semesters, and volunteering for the events hosted by the SPC to promote the Class Gift.

Why Join: 

  • Give back to your campus and community through public service
  • Get involved in helping others through fundraising
  • Add leadership and service skills to your resume

For more information or to join contact the UAlbany Fund
at 518-442-4232 or [email protected]