Great Dane Gratitude


Your generosity makes lives brighter, provides meaningful opportunities and makes the dream of higher education possible for many students at UAlbany. Meet a few of those students as they share heartfelt words of gratitude for their scholarships and your support.


“Thank you so much for your generous donation. I am very grateful for this assistance as I navigate the challenges of my academic journey. I am a communications major with a minor in business and I plan to pursue a career in public relations so I can work with the media and people to create a better world. I play the cello and like to journal in my free time. As I get closer and closer to finishing my degree I am amazed by my growth throughout the journey. It’s been hard putting myself through school without my parents’ support. Thanks to donors like you my dreams are finally coming true.”


“I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for the scholarship you have provided. It is a profound blessing, and it means the world to me. As a first-generation college student, I am determined to break a generational curse and pave the way for a brighter future. Your support has brought me one step closer to achieving this dream. Thank you once again for your kindness and belief in my potential.”



“This scholarship will help me to provide a better life for myself and my son and will help me to helping others in need. Over the years I have truly learned the value in what it is to be a social worker and the high demand for help and services needed in communities and I am excited to be a part of helping and serving my community in the future. Thank you so much.”


“Through this scholarship award, I am able to continue my education at the University at Albany and pursue my dream of becoming a physician. After the conclusion of my final semester here, I will be proud to call myself a first-generation graduate of UAlbany. I hope that one day, I will be helping other students reach their goals in higher education by assisting them in the way that you are helping me. I dearly appreciate your generosity. Thank you again, and I look forward to continuing the pursuit of my dream.”



“Your generosity and belief in my potential mean the absolute world to me and I cannot possibly thank you enough for this wonderful gift and opportunity. This scholarship not only eases the financial burden of my education but also inspires me to strive for excellence. This scholarship can help me with summer and winter classes, books, textbooks, calculators and more.

I am truly honored to be selected as a recipient and am committed to making the most of this opportunity. Your support motivates me to work harder, and I am excited about the doors that this scholarship will open for me.”


“I believe this scholarship will help me find outstanding success in my academic endeavors. Thanks to your support, I plan to attend graduate school and get my Master’s degree in secondary education. I want to become a math teacher. I grew up in a loving and hard-working family that always supported my desire to attend college. Thank you again for giving me this scholarship to fulfill my dreams.”


Your Generosity is Always in Season

Thank you for investing in UAlbany students!