Faculty & Staff Campaign

About the UAlbany Faculty & Staff Campaign

The success of a university depends upon the participation of many - including its faculty and staff. UAlbany’s strengths lie in the knowledge, commitment and generosity of those whose time and talents help define its programs and services.

Let's show the world what it means to be a Great Dane. Working together, we can secure UAlbany as an engine of opportunity for future generations of promising and ambitious young people. Thank you for your support and for all you do to unleash our students’ greatness. 


Celebrating Faculty and Staff Donors

The University celebrated its faculty and staff donors at a Valentine's Day themed reception on February 14, 2023. Pictures of the event are below and can also be viewed in the gallery

Give through Payroll Deduction

Donating by payroll deduction makes giving easy and saves the Foundation time and money, which ultimately benefits the university.  If you give by payroll deduction, the minimum is $1 per paycheck, and payments will begin within two pay cycles from when you submit your request.  You can start your payroll deduction at any time. Unless you indicate otherwise, your payroll deduction will be ongoing unless you contact our office to change your deduction.

See chart below for an illustration of how payroll deduction works:

Biweekly Deduction Amount Number of Pay Periods* Total Annual Gift
$1.00 26 $26.00
$2.00 26 $52.00
$4.00 26 $104.00
$10.00 26 $260.00
$20.00 26 $520.00
$38.50 26 $1,001.00 (1844 Society)

*There are 26 pay periods in a calendar year. Should you begin your payroll deduction during the calendar year, your total annual amount will be multiplied by the remaining pay periods in the calendar year.

Current Payroll Deduction Donors

If you are currently giving through payroll deduction and would like to change your designation, please email Lisa Gonzalez at [email protected].

Please submit a new form if you would like to change your donation amount.


For more information, please contact Lisa Gonzalez at (518) 437-4511, or [email protected]