Faculty & Staff Campaign FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the UAlbany Faculty and Staff Campaign

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the UAlbany Fund?

UAlbany is a dynamic university, and annual giving provides support for challenges that must be met and opportunities that must be seized immediately. UAlbany Fund gifts promote student life, enhance academics, and provide critical financial support to students with need. 

Everyone connected with UAlbany – alumni, friends, parents, faculty and staff – are asked to support the University with a gift to the UAlbany Fund. Simply put, every gift – every year – makes UAlbany stronger.


What is the UAlbany Faculty & Staff Campaign?

It is a fundraising initiative for faculty and staff, through personal contributions, to support the University. Campus support for UAlbany will help us leverage greater external support.


I already give to the University SEFA campaign. Does my SEFA gift count?

No. The funds raised for the SEFA campaign, although important to our community, do not contribute directly to the University. We are grateful that you support SEFA, but we are asking you to support our students, faculty and programs directly through the UAlbany Fund.


Why should I support the University at Albany?

Giving is a personal decision and each person that does so has a unique answer. Every gift from faculty and staff matters, no matter the size. In addition to your daily contributions of time and talent, your gift sends a message to those outside of UAlbany that we believe in and support our own institution.


How much should I give?

You determine the size and designation of your gift according to your own charitable interests, personal willingness to give, and financial capacity. It is not the size of the gift that is important, but rather your participation.


What does it mean to give an unrestricted gift?

An unrestricted gift to the UAlbany Fund, in any amount, represents a particularly powerful vote of confidence in the University. These gifts allow everyone, no matter his or her means, the opportunity to give back to the University in a meaningful way. These funds are available immediately and can be applied to where the need is greatest.


May I designate my gift to a particular area of the University?

Yes! All donors may designate their gift to the area of their choice at the university.


What are my payment options?

You may give by cash or by check, credit card or payroll deduction.


If I signed up for payroll deduction last year, will it automatically renew?

Yes. However, if you would like to change the amount of your gift you will need to submit a new payroll deduction form.  To change your designation only, please email Lisa Gonzalez at [email protected]


How can I find out my giving history or what I currently give?

Contact Lisa Gonzalez at 437-4511 or [email protected] and she will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your current or future giving.