Restore and Repair Tower Facades

July 2017

Background \ Overview:

The Edward D. Stone designed University at Albany Uptown campus was originally constructed over the 1960-1971 period. The Uptown Campus is basically composed of four quadrangles framing a central Academic Podium. Each quad has its own 24 story tower surrounded by low-rise residence halls. While residence halls and the Academic Podium are protected by large concrete canopies, the towers however have no such protection and have shown signs of wear given decades of being exposed to the elements. This project would restore and repair tower surfaces to ensure the continued long-life of these important facilities.


The University had already replaced windows and repaired concrete on each of the four towers over the last 5 years. This restoration effort is related to the weathering and waterproofing of surfaces. As part of this multi-phase tower façade renovation, Livingston Tower is the first to undergo this round of touch-up repairs and sealer application. The work identified in this scope is to protect the concrete and steel structure while maintaining the original color and finish. When completed, the look of the tower will be much more uniform and not “blotchy”, but more importantly, the tower surfaces will repel water and help ensure the long-life of the structures.

Project Schedule \ Timelines:

The Phase 1 project is currently in the construction phase and is on schedule. Survey work will begin on Phase 2 this summer.

Project Timeline:
Phase 1 (Livingston) Construction: May 2017 – August 2017
Phase 2 (Eastman) Survey & Design: August 2017 to May 2018
Phase 3 (Stuyvesant) 2019
Phase 4 (Mohawk) 2020

Project Photos \ Renderings:
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