New Student Housing Project
"Liberty Terrace"

January 2014


The University is constructing 500 new apartment-style beds on the southeast portion of the Uptown campus, named "Liberty Terrace". These apartments will be similar to Empire Commons with 4 one-bedroom units within each apartment sharing 2 full bathrooms, a kitchen, and a living/dining room area. The project involves the construction of two buildings, each 5 stories tall, with 250 bedrooms in each building. The buildings will include meeting spaces, an exercise room, a lounge area, and other shared amenities for students, including laundry facilities on each floor. On-site parking for student residents will also be available. The site/area in and around the project will be heavily landscaped and upgraded to provide a sustainable natural environment and walking and jogging paths for the enjoyment of the entire community.

Green Construction and Sustainability

This project is being designed to be a LEED Gold facility with myriad natural and sustainable elements, including permeable pavement, a green roof, rain gardens, daylight maximization, and the use of recycled and locally-sourced materials. Of note, the buildings will be heated and cooled through a geothermal (ground source heat pump) system using the constant temperature of the soils to moderate cooling and heating energy needs. The University is working with a grant from the United States Department of Energy for the design and installation of this eco-friendly mechanical system.

Road and Site Work

In deference to the topography of the site and the need to best shield the housing project from the University's neighbors, this project involves relocating University Drive as depicted in the rendering below. The road has been relocated closer to the boundary of the University so that the housing is closer to the center of the campus. Earthwork, grading, and significant storm water mitigation work has improved run-off and provides a robust tree line along the edge of the property. In addition to these improvements, the short road which connects University Drive to the UAB and MSC buildings off Indian Pond (University Place) has been reconfigured as shown the rendering below.

Purple Path

As part of the work above, the University's dedicated walking and jogging path, the "Purple Path", will be extended from the southern portion of the campus through the housing project, by Indian Pond, and through to the Boor Sculpture Studio. A new softball field along the path will be constructed for University student intramural and recreational use; and selected areas of the site will be enhanced with seating, sculpture, and other recreational amenities.


The following are estimated dates and activities scheduled for construction as of the writing of this update, subject to change, of course, based on weather, site, and building conditions

Construction ActivitiesEstimated Dates
Surveying, fencing, and site prepComplete
Site clearing and utility infrastructureComplete
Earthwork, incl. berm constructionComplete
Site Grading and roadwaysComplete
Foundations, incl. pile drivingComplete
Finish grading, sidewalks, & curbsComplete
General construction of buildingComplete
Final Site DevelopmentComplete

Questions and Comments Regarding Project

For general questions regarding project schedule and scope, please contact Diana Delp, University project manager, at 442-3426.

During construction, for questions regarding construction work, workers, and project disruption, please contact Sam Gleason at 257-3000.

Selected Photos and Renderings

(Click thumbnail for printable version.)

  • images/slideshow/housingSitePlan-lg.png

    Site Plan

    New Housing Project
  • images/slideshow/renderNWwing-lg.png

    Rendering of northern-most wing of new building.

    New Housing Project
  • images/slideshow/topographicalRender-lg.png

    Section and topographical rendering of minimization of site lines to housing project from neighbors by setting-back building, constructing berm, and new tree planting.

    New Housing Project
  • images/slideshow/housingSiteClear-lg.png

    Site clearing largely completed, October 11, 2010

    New Housing Project
  • images/slideshow/sh_siteConstruction01-lg.png

    Site construction view looking southeast from UPD Building

    New Housing Project
  • images/slideshow/sh_siteConstruction02-lg.png

    View of the new University Place connector road looking west

    New Housing Project
  • images/slideshow/sh_siteConstruction03-lg.png

    Site view looking east toward the berm and new plantings

    New Housing Project
  • images/slideshow/relocUDrive-lg.png

    View of newly relocated University Drive, from berm, taken January 6, 2011

    New Housing Project
  • images/slideshow/renderBirdsEyeView-lg.png

    Rendering of housing project, birds eye view, looking northeast

    New Housing Project
  • images/slideshow/libertyterrace01-lg.png

    Site excavations near Boor Sculpture Studio

    New Housing Project
  • images/slideshow/libertyterrace02-lg.png

    Continuation of the Purple Path near the baseball field

    New Housing Project
  • images/slideshow/libertyterrace03-lg.png

    Elevator pit framing Building B

    New Housing Project
  • images/slideshow/libertyterrace04-lg.png

    Under-slab utilities Wing B2

    New Housing Project
  • images/slideshow/libertyTerrace05-lg.png

    Project Aerial – Looking north west

    New Housing Project
  • images/slideshow/libertyTerrace06-lg.png

    Interior View – Typical windows openings for an apartment (living room and bedrooms)

    New Housing Project
  • images/slideshow/libertyTerrace07-lg.png

    Interior View – Typical floor before framing

    New Housing Project
  • images/slideshow/libertyTerrace08-lg.png

    Exterior View – Looking south east during 4th floor exterior panel installation

    New Housing Project
  • images/slideshow/libertyTerrace09-lg.png

    Exterior View – Looking west during 5th floor exterior panel installation

    New Housing Project
  • images/slideshow/libertyTerrace10-lg.png

    Installation of the heat pump at an apartment (part of the geothermal system)

    New Housing Project
  • images/slideshow/libertyTerrace15-lg.png

    Enjoy the view!

    New Housing Project
  • images/slideshow/libertyTerrace17-lg.png

    1st floor lounge and game room

    New Housing Project
  • images/slideshow/libertyTerrace18-lg.png

    Center/commons building entry and lounge

    New Housing Project
  • images/slideshow/libertyTerrace19-lg.png

    Exercise room

    New Housing Project
  • images/slideshow/libertyTerrace20-lg.png

    Floor lounge

    New Housing Project
  • images/slideshow/libertyTerrace21-lg.png

    Kitchen/living area

    New Housing Project
  • images/slideshow/libertyTerrace22-lg.png

    Kitchen/living area

    New Housing Project
  • images/slideshow/libertyTerrace23-lg.png

    Every floor has a study area

    New Housing Project
  • images/slideshow/libertyTerrace24-lg.png

    Every floor in each wing has laundry facilities

    New Housing Project
  • images/slideshow/libertyTerrace25-lg.png

    Every apartment has 4 single bedrooms, this is typical of the layout

    New Housing Project
  • images/slideshow/libertyTerrace26-lg.png

    Exterior view, south wing

    New Housing Project
  • images/slideshow/libertyTerrace27-lg.png

    Exterior view east face

    New Housing Project
  • images/slideshow/libertyTerrace28-lg.png

    Aerial View

    New Housing Project
  • images/slideshow/libertyTerrace29-lg.png

    Aerial View of Main Entrance

    New Housing Project
  • images/slideshow/libertyTerrace30-lg.png

    Aerial View

    New Housing Project