01A94.03, Renovate Lecture Centers, LC 1-2

December 2019

Background / Overview:

Constructed in 1969, the Lecture Center is the primary instructional facility of the campus. The building is unique because it is built underneath the Podium deck level. The building houses several large and medium sized lecture halls. While the buildings main concourse has been well maintained, several lecture centers have many deficiencies. Fixed seating is outdated and broken, carpet is worn, finishes are faded, lighting is substandard and the audiovisual systems are in need of replacement. Each lecture center is served by dedicated air handling units and fans that are in fair to poor condition.

The renovation of Lecture Centers LC 1-2 is the second phase of a multi-phased project to completely renovate all of the Lecture Centers.


Renovate LC 1-2

Full gut renovation of Lecture Centers 1 and 2 instructional spaces, including demolition, abatement, new electrical, data & IT, ductwork and air handling units, fans, BMS control systems, LED lighting, ceilings, fixed seating, carpet and audio visual systems.

ADA Improvements

There was an Accessibility Upgrades Study completed in 2018 that’s purpose was to assess the accessibility of the Uptown and Downtown campuses and provide recommendations for greater accessibility. As a result of the study, the follow items were included in the project;

Elevator Extension
Extension of the Lecture Center elevator to the promenade podium deck level. This will address the inefficient accessible route between the Podium plaza level and the Basement and Sub Basement levels and will make use of an existing elevator shaft that exists between the Basement and Sub Basement.

Toilet Room Renovations, LC 009 and 016
Removal of barriers that may affect disabled individuals with the renovation of the toilet rooms for improved accessibility.

Replacement of podium stairs/ramps
Modifications to ramps and stairs by providing edge protection, stair nosings and handrails. Of particular concern are the main Podium access ramps on the north side of the Podium.

Project Schedule/Timelines

The project is currently in the construction phase.

Renovate LC 1-2:

  • Construction: Summer 2019 thru Spring 2020
  • Lecture Center Fit-out: Summer 2020
Elevator Extension
  • Construction: Winter 2019 thru Spring 2020
Toilet Room Renovations, LC 009 and 016
  • Construction: Fall 2019 thru Spring 2020
Replacement of podium stairs/ramps
  • Construction: Fall 2019 thru Fall 2020

Project Progress (as of December 2019):

Renovate LC 1-2
The construction activities began in August with the contractor mobilizing on site. Staging areas have been prepared. The general construction demolition started in the lecture center with removal of the old carpeting and fixed seating. The hazardous material abatement sub-contractors work followed in the mechanical equipment rooms. Once abatement was completed, the mechanical contractor performed the demolition of the old air handing units, piping and ductwork. The contractors are currently setting equipment pads and pump bases. Work is ongoing with the new mechanical heating and cooling piping. The electrical sub-contractor has removed the old lighting and installing new conduits and wiring.

Elevator Extension
The Elevator was shut down and taken offline on December 2nd. The contractors have secured the area to the elevator and stairs. The elevator lobby ceiling has been removed in preparation for new ductwork and abatement of the old ductwork. The elevator contractor will lock out the elevator so the general contractor can begin the work in the elevator shaft. Work will continue to reroute ductwork around the elevator shaft.

Toilet Room Renovations, LC 009 and 016
The toilet rooms were taken out of service and secured on October 28th. The hazardous material abatement sub-contractor completed abatement work. The general construction demolition work has been completed. Currently the contractors are roughing in the new waste piping and floor drains. Plumbing rough-in’s are continuing.

Replacement of podium stairs/ramps
Only one of the ramp work has started. It is the ramp between Fine Arts and Erath Science. This ramp and two other ramps with minor handrail work is targeted to be complete by the end of December. The other ramp work will be begin in the Spring of 2020. Please see the attached plan for the various work areas and timeframes for the ramp work.

Questions and Comments Regarding Project:

For general questions regarding project schedule and scope, please contact John Baldwin, in Facilities at 442-3434.

Project Photos \ Renderings:
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