Uptown Campus – Main Fountain: Enhanced Experience

September 2021

Background \ Overview:

The Lecture Center fountain area is considered the heart of the uptown campus, unfortunately the fountain is currently in need of repair and is not able to share its water displays. In diverting visual interest to this important space the focus of this facilities project is to enliven and energize a heavily trafficked outdoor space on campus while fountain repairs take place over then next several months so students can continue to gather and enjoy this outdoor living area.


The project will be rolled out in phases:

Phase 1 - Completed

  • Applied window graphics to the exterior of the Lecture Center concourse glass
  • Installed 12 new chili red lounge chairs.
  • Installed string lighting in two trees of each corner planting with electrical connection and timers
Phase 2 - In-Progress
  • Design and install additional string lighting, acting as a canopy above and around the fountain edge
  • Purchase and install planters with connecting chain to enhance fountain restrictions
  • Additional applied ground graphics for space enhancement
The fountain will be studied to investigate the cause of the leaking, analyzing current conditions with ground penetrating radar, CCTV and structural reviews to compare with constructed conditions in 2014. Expected receipt of study recommendations will be early 2022 with an anticipated design required afterwards for repairs.


Fountain Placemaking all phases May 2022
Fountain Repairs May 2023


For general questions or concerns regarding the Lecture Center fountain project, please contact Jason Kersch, Interim Director of Campus Planning, at 518.442.3188, thank you.

Project Photos \ Renderings:
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