Replace Exterior Doors on the Podium

August 2017

Background \ Overview:

This project will replace sets of 1960’s-era steel exterior door systems on the Academic Podium. Replacing these doors is a core deferred maintenance need as they are in poor condition and continue to provide ongoing maintenance and operational challenges to the University. The campus community is certainly aware that these doors are heavy and difficult to open. In addition, these existing doors are not ADA compliant. In their place, the University will install lighter, easy functioning aluminum/glass panel doors and hardware similar in style and function as was previously installed in main entries of other Podium buildings, such as the Campus Center, Fine Arts, Arts & Sciences, and Library.


This project will replace exterior main entry doors in the following locations: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Education, Social Sciences, Humanities, and the Performing Arts Center. Other doors in other locations will be addressed in subsequent years.

Project Schedule \ Timelines:

Construction Start: Spring 2017
Estimated Completion: Fall 2018

Project Progress as of August 30, 2017:

Work is substantially complete on the North and East entranceway doors of Social Science; and the East doors at Humanities, Physics and Chemistry. The new aluminum doors and frames have motorized door operators on one door at each location and other cosmetic enhancements were made to the lobby vestibule spaces.

Work on the west and south doors of Biology are skated to start just after Labor Day. The remaining exterior doors at Social Science, Humanities, Education, Physics, Chemistry and the Performing Arts Center will commence in May 2018.

Project Photos \ Renderings:
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