Dutch Corner Infrastructure and Landscaping

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The site area, between Dutch Quad (residential facility) and the Academic Podium, was first constructed more than forty years ago. No substantial upgrades or improvements have been made since the area was first put into service. This area was originally pedestrian only, but due to the increased demand for parking over the years vehicular traffic migrated into the quad area, which has caused a conflict between pedestrians and vehicles. Moreover, when the site was constructed it did not provide for access for disabled pedestrians. This project is intended to replace and upgrade critical underground utility systems; and while the site is disturbed, the University will take the opportunity to improve walkways, provide access for the disabled, replace the deteriorated electrical and lighting systems, and restore the area to pedestrian-only by eliminating most of the parking (which was relocated to an expanded lot last summer 2009.

Scope of Project

Sanitary/Storm Water:

Work includes the replacement of existing sanitary sewer and storm sewer drainage piping . The work will also require the installation of a subsurface storm water detention structure for compliance with current DEC regulations.

Electrical / Lighting:

Work will include the removal of deteriorated and unsafe light poles and replacement with new poles with new electrical feed placed in conduit. The new lighting will be placed in a manner that will provide a more even and uniform lighting level consistent with campus safety standards and the University's lighting master plan.

Paved Surfaces / Curbing:

Work will include the removal and replacement of existing cracked / crumbled asphalt, concrete, and missing granite curbing. Pedestrian areas will be engineered to be opened during quad move-in and move-out times of the year. The work will also include new paving (and lighting) on the walkway from the Dutch Quad corner to the Dutch Quad Gold parking lot.


Work will include the installation of a new site irrigation system with piping consistent with the University's site utilities study and campus sustainability goals. The irrigation source is Indian Pond.


The underground work will necessitate the removal of trees as will the remediation plan to address diseased and dying tree species on campus. In total, the project will remove 210 dead/dying trees (as analyzed in the University's Landscape Master Plan) from the site. The trees will be shredded for mulch. As part of this project, the University will replace the trees with a more sustainable, bio-diverse planting plan.

Project Progress is Complete

Project Photos of Dutch Landscaping:

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  • images/slideshow/dutch_walk01_old_lg.png

    Pre-existing conditions, Fall 2009

    Dutch Infrastructure
  • images/slideshow/dutch_walk02_old_lg.png

    Pre-existing conditions, Fall 2009, dying trees, no sidewalks

    Dutch Infrastructure
  • images/slideshow/dutch_walk03_old_lg.png

    Pre-existing conditions, Fall 2009, path from DQ parking

    Dutch Infrastructure
  • images/slideshow/dutch_walk_new_lg.png

    Rendering of upgrade plans, Dutch Quad path to Podium

    Dutch Infrastructure
  • images/slideshow/dutch_prj_ovrvw_lg.png

    Rendering of upgrades, site plan

    Dutch Infrastructure
  • images/slideshow/dutchInfra01-lg.png

    Late summer 2010, construction progress

    Dutch Infrastructure
  • images/slideshow/dutchInfra02-lg.png

    Late summer 2010, construction progress, sidewalks, car turn around, etc to improve safety

    Dutch Infrastructure
  • images/slideshow/dutchInfra03-lg.png

    Fall 2010, addition of site seating and trash containers

    Dutch Infrastructure
  • images/slideshow/dutchInfra04-lg.png

    Fall 2010, completion, path from Dutch Quad to Science Library

    Dutch Infrastructure
  • images/slideshow/dutchInfra05-lg.png

    Fall 2010, completion, path from DQ to parking, addition of lighting, extra path, site plantings

    Dutch Infrastructure
  • images/slideshow/dutchInfra06-lg.png

    Fall 2010, construction progress, planting of trees

    Dutch Infrastructure
  • images/slideshow/dutchInfra07-lg.png

    Fall 2010, construction progress, planting of trees

    Dutch Infrastructure
  • images/slideshow/dutchInfra08-lg.png

    Fall 2010, completion, path from DQ parking

    Dutch Infrastructure
  • images/slideshow/dutchInfra09-lg.png

    Fall 2010 completion, corner of DQ looking towards Podium

    Dutch Infrastructure