Renovate Building 25 (Old Health Center)

August 2017

Background \ Overview:

Constructed in 1968, Building 25 (the old Health Center) was originally constructed to be an infirmary and kept with the original style, materiality, construction method and module of the Podium buildings. This can be seen with the use of reinforced columns, a prominent roof canopy and narrow windows alternated with aggregated concrete panels. Building 25 is located 800 feet west of the Podium, directly on the east-west access the Podium. The building is situated among a grove of trees on three sides.

In 2009, the University’s health center function was moved to a different location, better configured for modern health care needs, located adjacent to private health partners and lab and tech services. Since that time, as a vacant building awaiting renovation, Building 25 has been used to temporarily house various back office administrative units as swing space to accommodate other campus renovations.

In its current state, the building is comprised of small examination rooms, waiting areas, numerous small bathrooms, a pharmacy, and multiple storage closets. It does not lend itself to immediate, efficient permanent reuse. Moreover, while the building structure is adequate, the heating, electrical, and plumbing systems are in need of immediate replacement. The roof is in poor condition; and the building maintains its original single pane windows and many components containing hazardous materials. Additionally, a cooling system currently does not exist in the facility. In short, a gut renovation will be necessary to not only address deferred maintenance but to also reconfigure the interior for its future intended use as flexible academic and research space.

Consistent with the 2012 Facilities Master Plan, the Departments of Africana Studies and Economics will be the first occupants of Building 25. The building will also get a new name, yet to be determined.


Full gut renovation of building, including mechanical, electrical, plumbing systems, telecommunications systems, windows, roofing, and the adjacent site that includes, parking, sidewalks and landscaping.

Project Schedule \ Timelines:

The project is currently in the construction phase.
Project Timeline:

  • Construction: Fall 2015 thru Spring 2017
  • Building Fit-out: Spring 2017

Project Progress (as of August 2017):

The major construction activities have been completed. Staff moved into the building on July 20th. Contractor punch list work continues.

Over the new few weeks, it is anticipated the following punch list work to take place;

General Construction – Basement, First and Second Floors

  • Complete installation of new stairs and handrails
  • Complete final painting
  • Interior signage corrections
Mechanical Construction - Basement, First and Second Floors
  • Finalize commissioning of control systems
  • Finalize training of Operations/Maintenance Staff
Site Work
  • Complete plantings
Building Fit-out
  • Furniture install punch list work

Questions \ Comments \ Contact:

For general questions regarding project schedule and scope, please contact John Baldwin, in Facilities at 442-3434.

Project Photos \ Renderings:
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