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Office of Campus Planning
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      Core Areas
      Space Management
            Classrooms Advisory Committee
                  Committee Members
                  Recent Studies
            Guiding Principles of Space Management
            Facilities Strategic Planning Council
                  Space Request Application Form
                  Physical Space Requests Process
                  Member List
            Academic & Administrative Space Guidelines
                  Faculty and Staff Space Guidelines
                  Classroom Space Guidelines
                  Classroom Design Guidelines
      Facilities Planning
            Facilities Planning
            Building 27 Study
            PE Building Interim Master Plan
            Former Albany High School Building Renovation
            Corridor Study
            Milne Renovation
            East-West Athletic Spine
            Podium Restoration & Renewal
            Campus Center Master Plan
            New Business School
            Purple Path
            Dutch Commons
            Business School and Entry Plaza Site Improvements
            Water Tower and Fountain Rehabilitation
            Podium Skydomes
            Podium Lightwells
      Heritage Preservation
            Heritage Preservation
             Historic Photos
            Campus Heritage Preservation Plan
            1974 Comprehensive Plan Updating Edward D. Stone
            1998 Master Plan Report
      Studies, Standards, Guidelines and Forms
      Campus Facts
      Site Map

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