Schuyler Building Rehabilitation


The Phillip Schuyler School was originally constructed in in 1912 as a High School for the City of Albany. City subsequently converted in to an Elementary School until it was sold to the University at Albany in 2013. Schuyler Building is located on the same city block as the rest of the Downtown Academic Campus and stands adjacent to Milne Hall. Schuyler was included as a key downtown component of the 2012 Facilities Master Plan. The building is 127,000 gsf and will provide the home for the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, other research and instructional programs and community outreach oriented programs.

Project goals include the following:

  1. Beneficially utilize the existing building through a prudent and comprehensive adaptive re-use.
  2. Preserve, restore, and enhance the historic character defining features in the building and optimize their use.
  3. Integrate the building as a cohesive component of the Downtown Campus.
  4. Develop a building that contributes to the cultural, economic and academic vibrancy of the community.
  5. Provide a new home for the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences.
  6. Develop an implementation plan that is scalable and that can be accomplished in phases.
  7. Provide a central mechanical plant for the Downtown Campus.
  8. Provide a building that is sustainable and energy efficient and meets the goals of certified LEED Gold.
  9. Develop interim spaces that will allow for surge space for the renovations of other campus buildings.
Programming and building analysis is currently in progress. Design of the building will commence around Summer 2016 and construction could be ready to start by Fall 2018.
Schuyler Building Rehabilitation