PE Building Interim Master Plan


In 2010 the Recreation-Athletics Department split into the Office of Recreation and the Department of Athletics. Two years later, the 2012 Facilities Master Plan recognized the necessity for additional space, both for existing needs and future growth, by identifying a new field house as a “near term project” and a rehabilitation of the PE Building to create shared but separate space for Recreation and Athletics. However, recognizing the difficult fiscal climate for capital expansion, the Facilities Office of Campus Planning Council approved a PE Building Interim Master Plan to help optimize space use in the PE Building until a new field house could be implemented. The major recommendations the PE Building Interim Master Plan Study makes are as follows

  1. Remove the swimming pool and infill with new floors at basement and first floor levels;
  2. Relocate as many athletic team offices from the basement and first floor to the third floor as possible;
  3. Reconfigure the basement plan to provide direct access throughout the floor;
  4. Relocate the Recreation Office from basement to first floor for control and access of the building;
  5. Relocate the Athletics training room from the second floor to the basement to eliminate further damage to the building structure;
  6. Rehabilitate the gymnasium.

PE Building Interim Master Plan