EEPL FALL 2020 (Tentative) Schedule of Classes

EEPL Fall 2020 (Tentative) Schedule of Classes

The "EPL F2020 SCHEDULE 7_13_2020" schedule is very different from the University's online pre-COVID-19 Schedule of Classes.  The Registrar will be implementing changes to their online schedule over the next several weeks, mostly to reflect post-COVID-19 accommodations for health & safety and adjustments due to budgetary impacts of the pandemic.

Entries in BOLD-ITALIC have some type of change (e.g., mode of instruction, instructor, and/or day/time) from the original Fall 2020 EPL course schedule; other entries are as they currently appear in the UAlbany's Schedule of Classes. 

This file and future updates to the Fall 2020 course offerings will be available as a "news" item on our website.  While we expect minimal additional changes to course offerings from what is in the attached file, some may be forthcoming as health & safety concerns evolve and budgetary constraints are encountered.

Meanwhile, you are STRONGLY encouraged to register for courses if the Registrar's system will allow you to do so.  If you cannot do so, please let your adviser and instructors know what courses you plan to take so we can have accurate estimates of expected enrollments.  The university is monitoring enrollments extremely closely.

Top 3 Myths about Registering in August for EPL Fall Courses.

  1. I will always be able to get a seat in required classes I need to graduate.  False, while EPL makes a good faith effort to ensure students can enroll in required courses, students registering in August risk being shut out of the limited number of reserved seats.  Thus, you may have to delay graduating.
  2. I will always be able to choose among a variety of courses suitable for my program.  False, while EPL's initial schedule offers a diversity of courses, popular courses regularly fill up when registration opens in May and courses with low enrollments at the end of July may be cancelled.  Thus, waiting until August to register may limit your choices. 
  3. My UUP waiver can only be used during late registration.  False, graduate students may register using a UUP waiver at any time with a course permission number (CPN), which you can obtain from the instructor.  Thus, you have no reason to wait until August to register.

We are planning an informational Zoom session for EPL students on July 28, 2020 at 8:00am (connection information to be provided in a later email to our EPL Students).  Meanwhile, please reach out to the EPL staff and faculty if you have any questions or concerns of any kind.

For more information on what courses to select and/or for your Adviser Verification Number (AVN), see the following:

  • All new and non-degree students should contact Dr. Gina Giuliano, EPL Director for Advising, at [email protected] for your AVN to register for classes.
  • All other students are encouraged to reach out to your faculty advisor for your AVN to register for classes NOW.

If you have other administrative or logistical questions, you are encourage to reach out to Ms. Maria Moon, EPL Department Coordinator, at [email protected]  

Everyone is encouraged to monitor the UAlbany COVID-19 website <> for the most current information on the university's response to COVID-19 and plans for the Fall 2020 semester.

Meanwhile, stay safe and healthy!