Building an Inclusive Environment

students sitting around tables talking
Building an Inclusive Environment
Reflecting Diversity in our Physical Spaces

The Freedom Dreaming for Educational Justice project begins from the premise that in order to change inequitable schooling systems, we must first imagine a better reality. With support from a UAlbany StAR grant, this public engagement project draws on the anti-racist scholarship of Bettina L. Love and concepts of freedom dreaming and the Black imaginary within the work of Robin D. G. Kelley. This project brings together K-12 educators, UAlbany students, authors, artists, faculty, K-12 students, and the broader community to create education freedom dreams to be exhibited in online and public spaces, as well as preserved in a living archive for ongoing research.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice Task Force

The SOE Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice Task Force was created in the summer of 2019 and is chaired by Dr. Tammy Ellis-Robinson, SOE director of equity and inclusion. This group meets monthly and includes faculty, staff and students from SOE as well as administrative leaders from throughout the university. Their charge is to develop and carry out activities that support the SOE equity and inclusion efforts.

Opening Listening Sessions

Town Hall: Equity and Social Justice in Education and Mental Health

  • 10/21/21, 12-1pm
  • 3/10/22, 12-1pm

Building a Beloved Community within the School of Education (student voices)

  • 11/18/21, 12-1pm
  • 2/2/22, 7:30pm
  • 4/14/22, 12-1pm