Awards and Scholarships


The Bernard Vonnegut Teaching Award

In recognition of an extraordinary dedication to teaching by an atmospheric science graduate student, consistent with the gentle but probing instructional legacy of Distinguished Professor Bernard Vonnegut.



2019-Minghao Zhou

2018-Josh Alland

2017-Kevin Biernat

2016-Philippe Papin and Hannah Attard

2015-Nicholas Schiraldi

2014-Hannah Attard

2013-Jaymes Kenyon

2012-Kyle MacRitchie and Daniel Thompson

2011-Jason Cordeira

2010-Jonas Asuma, Nicholas Metz

2009-Patrick H. Wilson

2008-Thomas Galarneau

2006-Keith Wagner

2005-Alan Srock

2004-Alicia C. Wasula

2003-Matthew J. Novak and David R. Thomas

2001-Joshua K. Darr

2000-Eyad H. Attalah

1999-Teresa M. Bals-Elsholz and Olga Hogrefe (Sharoichenko)


The Narayan R. Gokhale Distinguished Research Scholarship Award

Established in 1980 by the family of Narayan R. Gokhale to recognize and to reward promising students pursuing a graduate education in Atmospheric Science. Students who receive this Award have been recommended by a faculty committee in the department for their demonstrated excellence, achievement, and originality in research.



2019-Josh Alland

2018-Michael Fischer

2017-Rosimar Rios-Berrios

2016-Brian Butterworth

2015-Naoko Sakaeda

2013-Matthew Janiga

2012-Heather Archambault

2011-Tom Galarneau

2009-Gareth Berry

2005-Kristen Corbosiero

2004-Anantha Aiyyer

2003-Rolf Staebler

2002-Gary Wojcik

2001-Christian Hogrefe

2000-Jeffrey M. Freedman

1999-Philip Cunningham

1998-Matthew E. Pyle

1997-Stephen J. Cox and Richard K. Sakai

1983-Richard Perez and Stephen Colucci

1981-Jerre Wilson


The DAES Distinguished Service Award

In recognition of a graduate student’s unselfish service to the department and community by leading and engaging in activities that provide positive contributions to department life, inclusion, diversity, and the education of students and the public .



2019-Sarah Ditchek

2018-Matthew Vaughan



The Arthur Loesch Scholarship Award

In support of an undergraduate student that is of junior or senior status, who is in good academic standing, and who intends to pursue a career in the Atmospheric Sciences and/or related field.



2019-Erin Leghart

2018-Jacob Shultis

2017-Jessica Blair

2016-Marqi Rocque

2015-Rachel O’Donnell

2014-Kurt Hansen

2013-Ernesto Findlay


The Bosart Family Scholarship Award

The purpose of The Bosart Family Scholarship is to provide scholarship support to an Atmospheric Science undergraduate student, who is in good academic standing and who intends to pursue a career in atmospheric science.



2019-Katy Hollinger

2018-Luke Lebel

2017-Cameron Paquette

2016-Mike Main

2015-Christopher Cardinale

2014-Tomer Burg


The Vincent ’77 and Carol Idone ’78 Endowed Scholarship

Scholarship support to an undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Environmental Science. Recipient must demonstrate academic excellence.



2019-Haley Gronlund

2018-Terence "Terry" Allard

2017-Alexander Siemenn

2016-Mallory Gannon

2015-Renee Martin


The George Tai-Jen Chen Ph.D. ’71 Scholarship

To provide scholarship support to an Atmospheric Science undergraduate student, who is in good academic standing and who intends to pursue a career in atmospheric science.



2019-Christina Talamo

2018-Chelsea Snide

2017-Matthew Brewer

2016-Briah Davis

2015-Rachael Coons


Past Awards:

The Winthrop D. Means Award for Excellence

In recognition of consistently demonstrating effectiveness and dedication in teaching, and in promoting the essential qualities of critical thinking among students representative of the distinguished academic career of Professor Winthrop D. Means



2012-Kyle Itterly

2009-Jennifer M. Gillen

2006-Samantha Langton

2005-Matthew Montario

2004-Lucas J. Benedict

2003-Adam Schoonmaker

2002-James MacDonald

2001-Barbara A. Fletcher

2000-Heather A. Short