Andrea Lopez Lang

Andrea Lopez Lang

Associate Professor
Department of Atmospheric & Environmental Sciences


ETEC 441

2011 PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison,
Atmospheric and Oceanic Science
Higher ed. teaching certificate through the UW-Delta program

2007 MS, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Atmospheric and Oceanic Science

2004 BS, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Atmospheric and Oceanic Science

Andrea Lopez Lang


My research focuses on understanding the role of midlatitude synoptic dynamics in the atmospheric system.

Of particular interest are problems that lie at the intersection of synoptic dynamic meteorology and large scale dynamics.

Currently, my research is focused on understanding the role of the synoptic scale (e.g. mid-latitude cyclones, ridge building and blocking, extra-tropical transition of tropical cyclones…) in troposphere-stratosphere coupling.  My research aims to answer questions such as, what are the specific mechanisms (if any) associated with the synoptic evolution and dynamics of tropopause jet-front systems, the tropopause, and the upper troposphere/lower stratosphere (UTLS) region that promote the initiation and maintaining troposphere-stratosphere coupling in the northern hemisphere winter?  The results of this research will inform medium range forecasting and prediction.

My previous research has focused on the synoptic to mesoscale structure, evolution and dynamics of the lower stratospheric portion of the tropopause jet-front system.  Much of the research attention on the tropopause jet-front system has centered on the dynamics and implications of the upper-tropospheric front.   However, by nature, the tropopause jet is centered on the tropopause and has significant thermal and vorticity structures residing in both the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere.  The results of my work suggested that the lower stratospheric fronts is a significant feature associated with the tropopause jet and that the dynamics associated with the lower stratospheric front have implication for the evolution of the tropopause jet-front system and associated surface weather systems.

Research Interests

Synoptic dynamic meteorology, the role of the synoptic scale in troposphere-stratosphere coupling, weather-climate interactions.

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