Guidelines on Photography, Filming and Videography on Campus

The Office of Communications and Marketing and the Division of Finance and Administration work cooperatively to evaluate requests and process revocable permits for filming. The word “filming” as used in these guidelines shall include video, still photography and digital imaging. Audio recordings would also be included.

When evaluating any filming requests, the university considers the purpose/intended use of the project, potential disruption(s) to campus, use of trademarks and images, and availability of location(s).  The university follows the State University of New York policy regarding use of facilities by non-commercial organizations.

Step One: Receive approval for filming
Please submit a filming request, in writing, to Lisa Taylor, Business Operations Manager, Office of Communications and Marketing (OCM) at [email protected]. This request should be submitted at least 4-6 weeks before requested date and include: specific locations and a shooting schedule, storyboards and scripts.  If approved by OCM, the requester would then need to seek a revocable permit through the Division of Finance and Administration. 

Step Two: Obtain a revocable permit
If filming is approved, the requester would need to receive a revocable permit.  Learn more about the permit process.