Marketing Services

Helping our clients stay consistent across their print and digital footprint is our focus.

Branding goes beyond having a logo. UAlbany’s brand identity is made up of color, typography, slogans, images and other elements that help build a signature look that our audience comes to recognize. We ensure that our clients retain the overall institutional branding of the University at Albany and that their footprint meets UAlbany’s graphic standards. We pride ourselves on providing technical leadership as a service unit producing websites, mobile interfaces, app development, and content management distribution. Marketing provides UAlbany with the tools needed for each school, college, center, institute and department to manage their brand and tell their story.

Marketing and Web services provide:

  • Brand positioning
  • Brand adherence
  • Social media technology
  • Web, mobile & app development
  • Digital planning
  • Strategic marketing
  • Visual design
  • Image/engagement campaigns