University at Albany

Healthy Families New Jersey

CHSR developed a customized web-based application for Healthy Families New Jersey (HFNJ).

HFNJ is based on the Healthy Families America model, a research-based, nationally accredited home visitation program designed to promote positive childhood outcomes and family functioning. In 2008, New Jersey merged its Healthy Families Program (HF) with the TANF Initiative for Parents (TIP) Program, thereby making the Healthy Families research-based model available to TANF recipients. There are 22 Healthy Families‐TIP (HF‐TIP) Programs throughout the State of New Jersey.

Systems & Software Development

CHSR worked collaboratively with Prevent Child Abuse New Jersey to revise the Program Information Management System (PIMS) data collection system for the new web based application. CHSR is programming the application, converting data from the old system to the new system, training users and providing technical support. The new system is designed to meet the administrative, management, programmatic, reporting and evaluation needs of HF-TIP. The web based system will allow managers and workers to analyze and advance practice through its comprehensive data collection capacity and sophisticated reporting mechanisms.

Contact: Chris Papas