City School District: Data Capacity and Program Evaluation

The Center for Human Services Research provides program evaluation and data support services to the City School District of Albany.

Evaluation & Research

The Center for Human Services Research provides program evaluation and data support services to the The City School District of Albany. Work focuses on building district capacity to: design and implement rigorous data protocols; engage in objective, contextually sensitive interpretation of findings; and deliver accessible, relevant data presentations to a variety of stakeholders. Specifically, researchers at CHSR:

  • Collaboratively work with the CSDA Cabinet to monitor a comprehensive data analysis plan that is aligned at the district and building levels
  • Assist with longitudinal tracking of individual student outcomes including kindergarten readiness, state test scores, NWEA scores, grades, Regents exams, PSAT/SAT scores, school attendance, OST attendance, enrollment stability, VADIR involvement, college enrollment, and college retention.
  • Support CSDA Cabinet and Building Leadership Teams in progress monitoring District Comprehensive Improvement Plan and School Comprehensive Education Plan indicators.
  • Support process of developing future DCIP and SCEPs.
  • Work with schools under Receivership to track indicators for demonstrable improvement.
  • Ensure data collection procedures and evaluation designs are appropriate and rigorous.
  • Assist staff to integrate data into the district improvement process and support data-driven decision-making.
  • Contribute to quarterly (or as needed) data presentations to the School Board.

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Data Management and Analytics Center (DMAC)

DMAC provides data management and analytics support to researchers at the University at Albany within the Center for Human Services Research. Our customized research support services include: consulting, research partnerships, and workshops.

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