SAMHSA System of Care Expansion Grants

The Center for Human Services Research (CHSR) was awarded new grants by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

Evaluation & Research

The Center for Human Services Research (CHSR) will conduct the evaluations for two new grants by SAMHSA for System of Care implementation and expansion in New York State and Cayuga County, NY. The New York State project will focus on piloting high fidelity wraparound and integration with Health Homes in three NYS counties: Westchester, Erie, and Rensselaer. Whereas, the Cayuga County project will focus on System of Care expansion and new and expanded services within Cayuga County. CHSR will be awarded $2,434,662.00 for conducting the evaluation portion of these grants, over 4 years.

For more information, contact Camille Barnes, Ph.D.  




LaPorte, T.M., Ciccone, J., Gullick, M.M., & Barnes, C.B. (2020, January) Identifying Enhancements to HFW Training, Coaching, and Supervision (CHSR Research Brief for the SAMHSA System of Care Expansion Grant).

Gullick, M.M., LaPorte, T.M., & Ciccone, J. (2019, November) Factors Associated with Time to first Child and Family Team Meeting (CHSR Research Brief for the SAMHSA System of Care Expansion Grant).


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