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Her Justice

CHSR is serving as the lead evaluator on a grant awarded to Her Justice from the New York Community Trust.

Her Justice is a nonprofit organization that provides free legal services in family, divorce and immigration law to low-income women. They were recently awarded a grant by the New York Community Trust. The objective of the grant is to determine the impact of services received on legal and extra-legal outcomes of their clients. The Center for Human Services Research (CHSR) will serve as lead evaluator.

Evaluation & Research

CHSR will measure the relative impact of legal services coordinated and provided by Her Justice to low-income women in the areas of family, divorce, and immigration law. The two types of legal services being evaluated are:

  • Pro Se support
  • Full legal services

The analysis will consider their relative impacts on both legal outcomes, such as custody decisions or child support amounts, and non-legal outcomes such as subsequent employment and satisfaction with the legal process.



For more information, please contact Margaret Gullick,Ph.D..