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Igor B. Kuznetsov

Journal articles

Selected Conference Proceedings  

  • Z.Gou, S.Hwang, and I.B.Kuznetsov (2006) Sequence-based prediction of DNA-binding sites on DNA-binding proteins. Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Bioinformatics of Genome Regulation and Structure. Vol.1, p.268-271. Novosibirsk, Russia

  • I.B.Kuznetsov and A. Mushegian (2004) Medium-length sequence blocks account for the most of DNA conservation in the orthologous upstream regions across distantly related vertebrates. Identification of Functional Elements in Mammalian Genomes. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, p.64

  • I.B.Kuznetsov, B. Gerlach, S. Rackovsky (2004) A web-based tool for the identification of conformationally flexible segments in protein sequences. Currents In Computational Molecular Biology 2004  p.331-332.

  • I.B.Kuznetsov and S. Rackovsky (2003) Varieties of Meaning in Protein Sequences: The Nature of the Protein Folding Code. Biological Language Conference Proceedings (Carnegie Mellon University/University of Pittsburgh) p.22-34

  • I.B.Kuznetsov and S.Rackovsky (2003) Identification of non-random patterns in structural and mutational data: the case of prion protein. Proceedings of the IEEE Bioinformatics Conference. IEEE Computer Society Press. p.604-608. [Abstract]

  • I.B.Kuznetsov and S.Rackovsky (2002) A method to assess the performance of knowledge-based potentials with respect to residue types. Currents In Computational Molecular Biology 2002. Washington, D.C., p.111-112

  • I.B.Kuznetsov and S.Rackovsky (2001) Informative descriptors of non-local residue environments in protein structures. Currents In Computational Molecular Biology 2001. Les Publications, Montreal, p.125-126

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