About the Campus Center

As the “living room” of the campus, the Campus Center serves as a hub for students, faculty, staff, and the outside community. In an effort to create an environment of inclusive formal and informal engagement, the Campus Center provides program support, services, facilities and amenities to all guests.

UAlbany Campus Center

The Center of Our Campus Community

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The Campus Center provides a convenient place for a diverse community to socialize, collaborate, get involved, experience events, enhance the quality of student life and contribute to the University’s co-curricular and educational mission.


We value diversity, inclusion, sustainability, student involvement, and community engagement.


Be the nexus of collaboration, connection, and service; enriching the experience of the entire University at Albany community and beyond.

Karla Jaime-Benitez, Director for Great Dane Student Union at the Campus Center
Christine Cowieson, Assistant Director for Reservations & Event Services
Matthew Pothier, Assistant Director for Facilities & Conference Solutions
Leon Ferri, Graduate Assistant for Student Technical Services
Krista Shugart, Graduate Assistant for Campus Center Connections
Alexandria Gibson, Graduate Assistant for Facility & Operations
Isis Barker, Office Manager

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