National Security Agency Center of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity Scholarship

Sanjay Goel collaborating with students


Students who begin the MS in Digital Forensics in the fall of 2021 will be eligible for a $5,000 scholarship, nearly half the cost of the master’s program, through a grant that School of Business Professor Sanjay Goel received from the National Security Agency. As part of their studies, MS Digital Forensics students also earn the Graduate Certificate in Information Security.
This competitive scholarship will be awarded to up to 20 full-time students admitted into the master’s degree program in the fall of 2021. All students who submit a scholarship application and successfully complete five program courses with an overall GPA of 3.0/B or higher will be considered. Recipients will be selected prior to the start of the program, contingent on meeting the grade requirement. A review committee will evaluate applications based on academic merit and community engagement with some scholarships reserved for underserved minorities and veterans.  Scholarship winners will be announced in January 2022.
If you are interested in the scholarship, please apply for the MS in Digital Forensics and submit an additional one-page essay which discusses your past accomplishments, your motivation for the MS program and your community service activities. Email Professor Sanjay Goel for more information. Apply here.