Centers of Excellence


Center for Advancement and Understanding of Social Enterprises

  • Established in 2015, CAUSE works with the community to support organizations with a dual purpose, satisfying both a social and a business mission, as well as helping entrepreneurs create social enterprises.
  • Offers conferences, forums, a speaker series, symposia, and workshops to the community and connects UAlbany faculty who conduct research in social entrepreneurship.
  • Hosts visitors from around the world to engage in how entrepreneurial activities can mitigate current social problems.
  • Developed an online module for a program in the environment and social entrepreneurship and pedagogy materials for educating social entrepreneurs.  
  • Partners with local organizations to jointly achieve these objectives.  


Center for Institutional Investment Management

  • Established in 2002, CIIM is the nation’s first academic center focused on research and analysis of strategic institutional investing.
  • Actively promotes institutional investment management research among faculty and students through research grants, travel support, and the acquisition of relevant academic and practitioner databases.
  • Acquired Bloomberg terminals to afford our finance students the opportunity of performing cutting edge applications in financial analysis.


Small Business Development Center

  • Supports small startup companies, family-owned enterprises, entrepreneurial ventures, and other businesses with a need for funding, marketing, and management assistance.
  • Offers no-cost, one-to-one counseling in developing strategic business plans, identifying appropriate sources of funding, providing market research, management information and financial analysis.
  • Provides internship opportunities to students and student group projects within many of the SBDC’s manufacturing and larger client businesses.

The Center for Forensics, Analytics, Complexity, Energy, Transportation and Security

  • Engages in research on security of complex energy and transportation systems and the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Raised over $3 million in research funding in 2016 from IARPA, NSF, NIST, and the U.S. Department of Commerce
  • Investigate the impact of user behavior on security practices in organizations as its core mission
  • Partners with several regional firms and is developing a Cyber Innovation Laboratory to support innovation in the cyber security and digital forensics space