Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies MA +JD Option

Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies / Sociology MA / PhD

WGSS Minors

Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies 

A minimum of 18 graduation credits (9 or more of which must be in course work at or above the 300 level), including A WSS 101 or A WSS 220 or A WSS 240. In addition to A WSS prefix courses, any course cross-listed with A WSS (from Africana Studies, Anthropology, Art, Classics, East Asian Studies, English, Judaic Studies, Latin American, Caribbean, and U.S. Latino Studies, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, or Sociology) will count towards the requirement, as will A HIS 256 and A HIS 293. Special Topics courses in other departments that focus on women's issues are also acceptable with the approval of the Chair of the Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Department or when offered as A WSS 299, 399, or 498.


Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Studies

A minimum of 18 graduation credits to include A WSS 202, A WSS/A SOC 262, A SOC 362/A WSS 363; and 9 credits from the following, of which 6 credits should be at the 300-level or higher: A WSS/A AFS/A LCS 240, A WSS/R POS 333, A WSS/R POS 346, A WSS/A ENG 362, A WSS 401, A WSS 412, A WSS/A ENG 416, A WSS 497, and (with approval of Minor Director) A WSS 397 or A WSS 492.