Antiracism and Intersectional Justice Committee

The WCI Antiracism and Intersectional Justice Committee is an endeavor rooted in equity and social justice. The Committee seeks to counter injustice and take action to center the voices of those on the margins in pedagogical, curricular, institutional, and systemic contexts, thus reconfiguring power relations and cultivating an equitable learning, work, and community environment. Key goals of the committee include sustained inquiry into antiracist and intersectional texts and pedagogical practices; amplifying voices of historically marginalized populations by raising funds to bring in BIPOC and LGBTQI educators to train WCI faculty in antiracism and intersectional pedagogy; inviting WCI students to participate in our shared inquiry and to share their experiential knowledge; and hiring and participating in the retention of more faculty of color within WCI. The Antiracism and Intersectional Committee deepens and amplifies the WCI mission to provide a foundation for students to develop their abilities to think critically about the world around them. Emphasizing both reflection and tangible action, the committee also puts into practice the University at Albany Strategic Plan Diversity and Inclusion goals