Teledentistry’s Impact on Oral Health Services in Rural Areas

Female physician holding the hand of a small child.

ALBANY, N.Y. (January 18, 2021) – Research conducted by Simona Surdu and Margaret Langelier at the University at Albany's Center for Health Workforce Studies found that children’s utilization of oral health teledentistry services in general dentistry clinics shortened their waiting period for specialty treatment services.  


The study included 144 children from rural New York who had live-video teledentistry consultations with pediatric dental specialists at local general dentistry clinics. During the teledentistry visits, pediatric dental specialists provided the children with consultation services, whereas treatment services were provided in-person at the specialty dental clinic at a later date.  


The results of the study revealed that most children completed treatment plans at the specialty clinic and also utilized follow-up oral health services at general dentistry clinics after a teledentistry consultation. Children who utilized follow-up oral health services in general dentistry clinics experienced shorter time to specialty treatment initiation and fewer case-management contacts. Children who did not utilize follow-up oral health services experienced longer time to specialty treatment initiation and were required to engage with significantly more case-management contacts. Results also indicated that the severity of the child’s case and their compliance with their treatment regimen were predictors of utilization of oral health services in general dentistry clinics.    


This information is useful for providing information on the role of teledentistry in promoting access and utilization of general and specialty oral health services among children and for subsequently encouraging the use of teledentistry services especially for rural and underserved populations.    


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