Gary Ginsberg

Gary Ginsberg

School of Public Health
Department of Environmental Health Sciences


NYS Department of Health Center for Environmental Health

PhD in Toxicology at the University of Connecticut

BS in Pharmacy at the University of Buffalo

A portrait of Gary Ginsberg

Dr. Gary Ginsberg directs the NYS DOH Center for Environmental Health (CEH), a Center which administers and coordinates water supply protection, radiation protection, food protection, contaminated site investigations, environmental epidemiological investigations, toxic substance risk assessments, and occupational health and injury prevention across NYS. He has served on a number of national committees including US EPA’s Science Advisory Board, USEPA’s Children’s Health Protection Advisory Committee and a variety of National Academy of Sciences panels (Biomonitoring, 2004-2006; USEPA Risk Methods, 2006-2008; Inorganic Arsenic, 2012-2015, Adult Lead Modeling, 2018-present, Emerging Science in Public Health 2016-present). Dr. Ginsberg has published risk evaluations in the peer reviewed literature on fish contaminants, synthetic turf fields, children’s vulnerabilities, genetic polymorphisms, and on a wide range of chemical exposures. Dr. Ginsberg’s current research interests focus upon the intersection between environmental exposures and the burden of chronic disease, combined effects of chemical and non-chemical stressors, and incorporating advanced toxicology test methods into public health decisions. As director of CEH, Dr. Ginsberg is involved with many environmental health issues that require the integration of research, policy and implementation. Dr. Ginsberg is also on the faculty of Yale University School of Public Health.