Distinguished Professor Alan Lizotte Retiring

Distinguished Professor Alan Lizotte
Alan Lizotte

After 36 years, more than $25 million in research funding, 41 chaired Ph.D. student committees, and six years in the SCJ Dean’s Office, Distinguished Professor Alan Lizotte will retire at the end of the summer.

Alan joined the faculty in 1985 and shortly thereafter collaborated with Terry Thornberry and Marv Krohn to found the Rochester Youth Development Study. He has had a tremendous influence on criminology in two research areas central to the field, delinquency in the life course and firearms. His research in these areas was recognized in 2003 when he received with his co-authors the American Society of Criminology’s Michael J. Hindelang Outstanding Book Award for Gangs and Delinquency in Developmental Perspective.  In 2009, he won the President’s Award for Excellence in Research. He was named a Fellow of the American Society of Criminology in 2014 and promoted to Distinguished Professor in 2016.

Alan served as Dean of the School between 2009 and 2015. While Dean, he navigated the School through the economic challenges posed by the Great Recession, all the while building a stronger relationship with University leadership and growing our endowment. Alan will remain part of the School as Emeritus Distinguished Professor.