RF Human Resources

Payroll Deadlines and Calendars

RF 2021-2022 Holidays

RF 2020-2021 Holidays

RF Payday Calendar 2021

RF Payday Calendar 2020

RF Bi-weekly Payroll Calendar 2021-2022 Deadlines

RF Bi-weekly Payroll Calendar 2020-2021 Deadlines               

(Exceptions include: Extra Service Requests, Salary Increases, Reclassifications, Retroactive Payments, and Nepotism)

RF Hourly Payroll Calendar 2021 Deadlines

RF Hourly Payroll Calendar 2020 Deadlines                          

RF Multi-Year Calendar (6/20-7/26)

RF Multi-Year Calendar (7/14 - 6/20) 


The Research Foundation is an employer separate and distinct from SUNY and the State of New York, thereby offering separate and distinct compensation and benefits.  Please contact the RF HR Office with any questions pertaining to Research Foundation employment policies and procedures.