Jay Bloom

Jay Bloom

Grant Writer
Office of Strategic Initiatives
Division for Research & Economic Development
AI Plus Institute
Jay Bloom

James Bloom serves as a grant writer for the AI Plus Institute at the University at Albany and the Research Foundation for SUNY. He holds a PhD from Duke University and an undergraduate degree from Dartmouth College.

He is a versatile collaborator whose multidisciplinary expertise drives transformative initiatives across the education, nonprofit and arts/culture sectors.  

As a grant writer, project manager and curriculum specialist, he leverages over two decades of experience to help secure funding, build and coordinate cross-functional teams, and implement innovative programming that empowers people and organizations to maximize their impact.

In addition to crafting grant applications, he has experience overseeing the entire lifecycle of funded initiatives.  

His program management expertise encompasses developing innovative pedagogical approaches, establishing measurable goals, conducting evaluations and ensuring seamless execution while adhering to budgets and funder expectations.  

He has managed programs spanning areas such as diversity education, professional development and teacher training, arts/cultural partnerships, and technology integration.  

Bloom's background as an innovative educator informs the full range of his interests, allowing him to help shape diverse and inclusive people-centered environments around a shared strategic vision.


  • Help identify funding opportunities and partners
  • Support proposal development
  • Provide project management for large-scale proposals