Information Physics

Professors Caticha, Earle, Goyal, and Knuth

Information physics explores the multiple connections between physics and information.

One direction of research runs from information to physics: we explore the extent to which the laws of physics might reflect the rules for processing information—the ambitious goal is to derive the laws of physics from information theory. This approach has already been very fruitful yielding multiple insights into statistical, quantum, and classical mechanics.

The opposite direction from physics to information is also very exciting: one studies how physics that is already well understood can be exploited to develop new ways to process information—the prime example here is quantum information theory and quantum computation.

And finally, none of this can be achieved without a solid understanding of the theory of information and inference itself. One studies foundational questions concerning the nature of information and how it ought to be processed and acquired. The goal is to place Bayesian and entropic methods and the theory of inquiry on a secure foundation from which their applications may be reliably explored.