Sean M. Rafferty

Sean M. Rafferty

Department of Anthropology
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Arts & Sciences Building, Room 120

PhD, Binghamton University, 2001 

Sean Rafferty

My research involves the archaeology of Eastern North America.  Within this region, I am interested in the interplay between ritual practices and cultural variability, especially within the area of mortuary practices and smoking rituals.  I have research interests in the field of archaeometry, with a specialty in residue analysis using chromotographic approaches.  These research interests coincide with my ongoing research into the origins of tobacco smoking in the Eastern Woodlands of North America. 


InterestsArchaeology and Ethnohistory of Eastern Woodlands, Archaeometry, Early Woodland and Adena Period Archaeology, Prehistoric Use of Medicinal and Psychoactive Plants, Public Outreach in Archaeology, Shamanism and Religion in Small-Scale Societies, Ethnobotany, Ritual Practices 

Areas: Eastern North America