Oral Presentation 2:  Skit (Thursday, Dec., 1st )        


This is a group performance. The objective of the performance is to show how well you interact and communicate with others using Korean expressions that you have learned in the class. 

First of all, make a team of 3-5 people. Let me know your team name in Korean, team members' names and 1-2 sentences explaing what your skit would be by Thur, Oct. 26th . Please exchange your telephone numbers and/or e-mail addresses with your teammates; you need to practice and rehearse your skit outside of the class.

Procedure & Requirements


Each group will be given up to 8 minutes to perform the skit in front of the classmates.


Everybody in the group must have at least 10 lines (or sentences)


Before your performance, please explain to the class what your skit is about.


Use visuals and /or props for a better performance.


The first draft of the written script (or scenario) should be handed in by Thur. Nov. 16th. You need to submit two versions of the script: one in Korean and the other is in English, so that I can better understand what you are trying to say in Korean


The final draft (both Korean and English scripts) should be handed in right before your performance (Thrs. Dec. 1st)


Your group needs to think of the settings (the occasions). Then, characters, and what kinds of communication you want to exchange.


Your group performance will be evaluated in two ways: group evaluation and individual evaluation. Group evaluation is 80% of your grade and 20% is your individual grade.

Group grade. 80% - 20pts will be given for each criterion: creativity, fluency, written script, and requrement.

Creativity: It's a skit! Make it fun and interesting. Using visuals and props are encouraged.
Fluency: How smooth and/ or naturally your skit runs. In other words, you need to practice your skit several times before the actural performance.
Accuracy (Written script): I will check accuracy of your script thoroughly. Please edit and revise your script more than once before hand it in. NEATNESS of your script is VERY important.
Requirement: Your skit must meet the all requirements including the deadlines.

Individual grade:20% - I will be evaluating your fluency and accuracy of your performance.

* Reading your script during the performance will result lower grade SO memorize your lines!

** PLEASE be prepared. The skit presentation has equivalant point-grade as a mid-term.

*** If you need any help, please come and talk to me.