Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I get sick?

If it is a life-threatening emergency, you should go to the emergency room at a hospital. If it is not an emergency, call the Student Health Center at 518-442-5229 for an appointment.

What happens if I don’t go to the University Health Center and it is not an emergency?

You will have to pay the $50.00 deductible out of your own money for each injury or illness you had treated without a referral being processed on the HTH Students website.

Where can I go for prescriptions if the University Health Center Pharmacy is closed?

You can have your prescription filled at any pharmacy. However, many pharmacies will ask you to pay for your prescription in advance. If that happens, you will have to fill out a claim form. Claim forms can be downloaded on the HTH Students website or you can pick them up from the Office of International Education.

Where can I go for medical treatment if I am unable to visit the University Health Center?

You can go to any doctor, anywhere. If you go for medical treatment and it is not an emergency, you will have to pay the $50.00 deductible. If the University Health Center is closed, and it is not an emergency, you should wait to be seen at the University Health Center when it opens. If it is a medical emergency, you can visit any medical facility.

What do I do if I don’t have my insurance card but I need medical treatment?

You can either stop by the Office of International Education (Science Library G-40) and pick up your insurance card, have the doctor’s office call the insurance company (HTH Worldwide Insurance Services) Toll Free at 1-866-510-8780, or have the doctor’s office contact the International Health Insurance Office at (518) 591-8185.