Costs are subject to change.

Insurance Cost & Coverage

International Insurance Costs for Enrolled International Students

  • Fall 2023 Semester (8/15/23-1/14/24)

    • International Insurance: $1,036.13

    • Medical Emergency Assistance/Evacuation: $37.50

  • Spring 2024 Semester (1/15/24-8/14/24)

    • International Insurance: $1,442.15

    • Medical Emergency Assistance/Evacuation: $52.50

    • Note: Spring insurance charges cover a longer period (including summer) and therefore the charges are higher than Fall to include this additional coverage

  • Summer 2024 Coverage Only (5/15/24-8/14/24)

    • International Insurance: $623.08

    • Medical Emergency Assistance/Evacuation: $22.50

    • Note: these charges are applied if the student is not enrolled in the plan during the prior Spring semester and must cover a gap in coverage over summer only.

International Insurance Costs for F-1 OPT students and J-1 Visiting Scholars

Individual monthly charges are as follows:

  • International Insurance (including medical emergency assistance/evacuation coverage): $321.02 per month 
  • Please contact the Insurance Coordinator for more information about cost for spouses and child(ren)

Enrolling Spouse and/or Children

Please contact the CIEGS Health Insurance Coordinator if you would like to purchase United Healthcare and/or Medical Security and Evacuation Insurance for your dependents.