Financial Assistance

While CIEGS/ISSS has unfortunately no funding for financial assistance, the university and external resources do offer limited, various scholarship/assistantship, loans, and small short-term emergency funding options. Please review the differing sections of this webpage for more information and links.

Undergraduate Applicants

The University at Albany has limited scholarship funding for new, incoming international undergraduate students. More details can be found online here


University Scholarships/Assistantships – Continuing Students

The University at Albany offers a limited number of scholarships and assistantships. At the undergraduate level, most scholarship awards are based on merit or need at the time of admission. For graduate students, assistantships may be available at the department level. Consult your academic department for any further details.

Additional information on University at Albany scholarships is available on the Student Financial Center's website here


Private Loans for International Students

Loans through private companies often require a U.S. citizen or permanent resident co-signer. These loans typically are subject to higher interest rates than U.S. government loans, for which non-immigrant international students are not eligible.

  • International students at the University at Albany may qualify for MPower Financing education loans. Visit  their website for more information.
  • Sallie Mae, a national education loan lender, may offer loans to international students. More details are available on their website here.  
  • Your U.S. local bank or credit union may also offer educational loans.


External Scholarships

Harvard University has one of the most comprehensive lists of external competitive scholarships for international students in general (i.e. not just Harvard students). The list is organized by geographic region and is referenced below:

There are also several databases online to help you search for external scholarships, including:


Limited Short-Term Emergency Funding

The University at Albany offers emergency funding resources for small needs and is normally short-term, one-time funding. Visit this website for more information.


EducationUSA YouTube Channel

EducationUSA has a YouTube channel with several tips for international students, including how to finance your education.  These videos feature tips from experts as well as individual student stories and experiences.