Understanding and Supporting International Students

Helping Faculty and Staff Work More Effectively with International Students

Students joining a new college campus community experience an adjustment period. International students entering a new country, culture, language environment, and college campus community also go through an adjustment period, one that however tends to be more intense and last longer. Read about cultural adjustment, including four related stages and suggestions for easing the transition, here. 

Below are tips and strategies for working with international students at UAlbany. Many of the articles are from The International Educator, a NAFSA: Association of International Educators publication. They are designed to help university faculty, staff and other professionals better understand and support international students so they may have a rich and successful international experience on campus.

1. Recognizing and Addressing Cultural Variations in the Classroom

2. Strategies for Working with International Students

3. A Different Place: The Intercultural Classroom (Video)

4. Working with International Student Writers

5. Strategies for Communicating Effectively with International Students

6. Tips for Communicating with International Students

7. Helping International Students Navigate Career Options

8. Using Appreciative Advising with International Students

9. Innovations in Faculty Support for International Students

10. Internationalization of the Higher Education Classroom: Strategies to Facilitate Intercultural Learning and Academic Success