Cultural Connections and Friendship Program

Cultural Connections is a SA student group. In conjunction with the ISSS office, Cultural Connections runs the International Friendship Partners Program (IFP).  The mission of Cultural Connections and the IFP program is to promote intercultural engagement and connections between students.  Join Cultural Connections and IFP to get involved with our vibrant international community on campus!

Our IFP program was recently featuring in a University News Release. Check out the article highlighting our group, here!

Reasons to Join Cultural Connections & the IFP Program

  • A great way to make new friends on campus!
  • Boost your resume and develop your leadership skills to make you a better student, employee, and global citizen
  • Learn from other students about different languages, cultures, and ideas
  • Earn credit by joining our RSSW course 

Be an International Friendship Partner next semester!

The International Friendship Partners is a series of programs designed to help both American and international students make friends with each other. Participants will also learn different cultures and languages through cultural activities. You can choose to participate in one or more programs listed below:

Part I
International Buddies Program: The International Buddy Program is designed to provide an opportunity for newly admitted international students to know current UAlbany students, and the ultimate goal of the Buddies Program is to promote understanding and friendship among different culture groups and to utilize the culturally dynamic environment on the UAlbany campus.

Click here to sign-up to be a buddy for Fall 2019.

Part II

Language Chatting Room: The Language Chatting Room Program(LCR) is designed to provide an opportunity for UAlbany students to learn/practice and teach another language. It is an excellent opportunity to broaden your horizons on campus, and practice your communication and socializing skills!

Contact for information about the Language Chatting Room.

Part III
Community & Public Service Program: You can take RSSW 291 (2 credits) for meeting friends and doing cultural activities! Please find more detailed information about this class in the application form.