Project Sunlight

 Internal Reporting Form

Legislation effective January 1, 2013 (enacted as part of omnibus ethics legislation Ch. 399, Part A, §4, L. 2011) establishes a database, “Project Sunlight,” which makes available to the public data concerning individuals and firms who appear before State entities with respect to five categories of matters: (1) procurement of State contracts, (2) ratemaking, (3) regulatory matters, (4) judicial or quasi-judicial proceedings, or (5) rule-making per the State Administrative Procedures Act. Given the Nature of SUNY activities, we are most likely to be impacted in the area of procurement. We are required to report appearances by individuals and firms who appear before SUNY decision-makers or persons who advise decision-makers (known as Advisors).

Each time you have a qualified appearance, including multiple appearances related to a specific procurement, complete the information below within three (3) days of the communication/appearance.

For questions on whether or not Project Sunlight applies to your appearances, please refer to the SUNY compliance webpage on Project Sunlight as it applies to SUNY or contact Jonathan St. Clair, Director of Risk Management and Internal Control Officer. 


Type of Meeting
Appearances by letter, e-mail, or fax are exempt from reporting. Telephone appearances are optional to report.
Location of Appearance
Choose the category of the meeting

If there are additional campus contacts, please email [email protected] the additional names, titles, and departments. (Multiple campus participants in a single appearance may be reported on one form.

Company Appearance Location
For example, the company's attorney or lobbyist
Outside Representative at Appearance Location