How We Work with Business

At UAlbany we are interested in working with businesses to achieve mutual goals.  Our interactions with businesses take many shapes and run in both directions.  The media of exchange include ideas, knowledge, advice, specialized equipment, research methods, databases, jointly defined research projects, people, including interns spending time in companies and visiting researchers spending time in university laboratories, and patented technologies.  Businesspeople provide insight to us on industry problems that can be addressed by UAlbany researchers.  UAlbany researchers brief businesses on the latest scientific advances that could influence a company’s decisions about the future.  Companies make the latest equipment available to university researchers for projects, and vice versa.  Companies sponsor research projects on topics of mutual interest.  Companies license innovations created at UAlbany in order to develop and market new products and services. 

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Here are some examples to illustrate the variety of interactions we have with business. is a human resources company whose mission is to help organizations select and hire the right people into the right jobs.  Its ChequedReference™ product is based on the work of the industrial/organizational psychology group at UAlbany led by Kevin Williams.


X-Ray Optical Systems

X-Ray Optical Systems, a leading global provider of mission-critical material analysis equipment, was founded in 1990 by renowned UAlbany physics professor Walter Gibson (now deceased), and began in incubator space on the campus.  Over the years, XOS has donated equipment and provided funding to UAlbany.  Scientific collaboration, including work on joint patents, has continued with physics professor Carolyn MacDonald.


Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific, in conjunction with UAlbany’s RNA Institute and School of Business, provides funding as well as scientific and business guidance to a student venture fund.  The initiative challenges teams of graduate students and post-doctoral researchers to envision and develop research and business plans for innovative products related to RNA research.


Sigma Aldrich

Sigma Aldrich has donated to the RNA Institute extensive collections of RNA molecules that will be used in research to identify potential new targets for treatments of human diseases.


EBSCO Publishing

EBSCO Publishing’s Film and Television Literature Index is built upon a database of over 30 years of film literature compiled and edited by former UAlbany professors Vincent Aceto and Frederick Silva.


The Center for Functional Genomics

The Center for Functional Genomics, part of UAlbany’s Cancer Research Center, provides a comprehensive state-of-the-art research facility to support a wide range of services that are offered on a fee-for-service basis to both commercial and academic organizations.


National Lightning Detection Network

Richard Pyle, Ronald Henderson, and Richard Orville, formerly in the Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences, developed patented technology and software that was the basis for the first National Lightning Detection Network.  Vaisala now provides the newest generation of lightning detection networks and co-inventor Richard Pyle is Director of New Weather Markets at Vaisala.