Initiative for Healthy Infrastructure


The Initiative for Healthy Infrastructure (iHi) is a project of the State University of New York at Albany designed to help communities create physical environments that support healthy, active lifestyles. ‘Healthy Infrastructure’ is a new way of describing the connection between facilities for walking, bicycling and physical fitness as an integrated part of transportation, recreation and community quality of life. The initiative includes teaching, research, policy development, public outreach and planning in a cross-disciplinary approach. Specific efforts in the iHi program include developing county-level Healthy Infrastructure Plans, establishing a Resource Center to provide technical support, and hosting a biennial Healthy Infrastructure Conference.

What's New?

"The Third Mode"  by Jeff Olson
iHi's own Jeff Olson has written a book titled, "The Third Mode to a Green Society" which is available for download now.  The book discusses the method of thinking and problem solving that is required to integrate bicycle and pedestrian planning into our built environment.  The book is told through personal stories Jeff has accrued through his years as a transportation planner and advocate for bicyclists and pedestrians everywhere.  Here's what others are saying:

The 3rd Mode is an entertaining, engaging and ultimately very human tale that very effectively puts into words all the emotion – from exasperation to elation – to which anyone in the field of active transportation can immediately relate. Jeff Olson is the bicycle world’s Forrest Gump and Ethan Hunt wrapped into one, with a dash of Indiana Jones to spice things up a little. -Andy Clarke, President League of American Bicyclists

We live in challenging times, especially when it comes to the question of how the need for mobility is shaping our cities, our landscapes, our bodies and our minds. And, just when we need it the most, real problem solving has become increasing stultified by polarized thinking---this vs. that, us vs. them, left vs. right and one or the other. The Third Mode shows that the way to get out of the box is to think in three dimensions and beyond. Jeff Olson’s vision inspires, his real world examples enable and narrative style entertains. A must read!- Robert Searns, President American Trails

The Third Mode is a deeply insightful, thoughtful and hopeful treatise on the American experience evolving beyond auto-centricity toward sustainable and balanced transportation systems. -Mia Birk, Author of “Joyride”

Find out more at the book's website

Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Planning at UAlbany
The University at Albany is proud to have been the first University in the United State to offer a transportation planning course solely on bicycle and pedestrian issues.  Started in 1996, the course has shown many students the important link between transportation choice and energy, health, and quality of life.  Because of this course, many students have gone on to pursue careers dedicated to planning for non-motorized transportation.  Because of this, iHi is proud to offer the lectures and material from the course for free.  Find it under the "Resources" tab or by clicking here