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Data Science MS

The Data Science Master of Science degree program is designed to provide students with the foundations in all three major fields of Data Science: Topological Data Analysis, Machine Learning, and Statistical Methods. Students will also develop practical working skills in at least one of them.

Mathematics MA

The Master's Degree in Mathematics is appropriate for students who want a flexible general education in mathematics, including students pursuing the Ph.D. degree. The program requires a minimum of 30 credits with an average of B or better.  There is no foreign language requirement. However, a student planning to continue with doctoral study should acquire a reading knowledge of French, German, or Russian at the earliest opportunity.

Mathematics PhD

The general aim of the program leading to the Ph.D. in mathematics is to prepare students to become productive research scholars capable of communicating their knowledge to students and to the mathematical community. The program is planned to develop in the student a fundamental understanding of certain basic fields of mathematics, a deep understanding of the major field of interest, the ability to formulate and recognize significant research problems, and the ability to analyze problems and reach solutions and to transmit ideas to others.