2021-22 New York State Executive Budget

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo released his Executive Budget for State Fiscal Year 2021-22 on January 19, 2021. 

Below are elements of the Governor’s proposed budget and policy agenda of interest to the UAlbany community, along with the University’s 2021-22 legislative requests.

The University will continue to monitor these items and provide updates as they become available over the course of this legislative session. If you are interested in learning more about the Executive Budget or UAlbany’s legislative agenda, please contact the Office of Government and Community Relations at (518) 956-8163, or stop by suite 202 In University Hall.

  • Protecting tuition assistance and opportunity programs, including TAP, Excelsior Scholarship grants and the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) from reductions.
  • Extending the predictable tuition funding plan for State-operated campuses and Maintenance of Effort (MOE) through AY 2025, granting authority to the SUNY Board of Trustees to raise tuition up to $200 annually.
  • Allowing a flexible tuition rate at R1 (UAlbany, Binghamton, Buffalo, Stony Brook) and doctoral granting (Downstate Medical Center, Upstate Medical Center, College of Optometry, College of Environmental Science, the College of Technology at Utica/Rome, SUNY Poly) institutions. Such increases would be at the discretion of SUNY and capped at a ceiling indexed to tuition at other SUNY campuses. Part of the increase must be used for grant opportunities to low income students.
  • A streamlined approval process for new education programs enabling colleges and universities to adopt a new program or curriculum without first seeking SED approval as long as the adoption would not require a Master Plan Amendment or lead to professional licensure.
  • Protecting the financial aid eligibility of a student that was not able to complete academic requirements because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • A provision that would require public and private employers to provide up to four hours of paid leave for up to two COVID-19 vaccinations for each employee.
  • $1.24 million for the Center for Autism and Related Disabilities at the University at Albany (CARD Albany), which brings research and practice together in community settings.
  • Level funding of $235,000 for Just for the Kids (Know Your Schools-for NY Kids) within the School of Education, the only New York-focused, evidenced-based school improvement program in the State that compares the performance of equally-resourced and similarly challenged schools.
  • Funding of $209,600 (previously $261,600) for the Public Health Management Leaders of Tomorrow program (PHLOT), established in 2006, which strengthens the public health infrastructure across New York State.
  • Funding of $26,000 (previously $32,000) for Public Health Live, a webcast series designed to provide continuing education opportunities on public health issues.
  • Level funding of $100,000 for the Center for Women in Government and Civil Society for the Immigrant Integration Index.
  • $18 million to be allocated according to a plan by the SUNY Board of Trustees (SUNY Performance and Investment Fund).
  • Full support of State-operated campus employee benefits and bonded capital debt service costs (exclusive of campus supported NYSUNY 2020 bonded appropriations).
  • The State’s multi-year Financial Plan indicates that required unionized across the board salary increases (CSEA, UUP, others) will continue to be delayed until 2022-23.
  • Amending the calculation of the Excelsior Scholarship aid amount by extending AY 2016-17 levels for an additional two years (through 2022-23) and providing that after such period, the rate would reset annually thereafter to existing rates.