A graduate raises his hand with his back to the camera. A graduate raises his hand with his back to the camera.

Grateful Graduates Class of 2021

In their own words...

Scholarship recipients from the Class of 2021 share heartfelt words of gratitude. Thanks to donor support, they are completing their academic journeys, reaching their goals and achieving their dreams.

Grateful Graduates

Mashaal Bhatti 

The Chi Sigma Theta Sorority Scholarship

“As a dedicated student leader in my communities, I truly appreciate the recognition and support, as we as a society come together to overcome the challenges presented to us and continue our efforts in supporting the UAlbany community. I want to thank you and your organization for your continued support and empowerment of women on our campus, as now more than ever before, it is vital we continue to inspire one another.”


Jan Michael

Jan Michael Gutierrez Almedina

The Keith Munsey Track and Field Scholarship

“I am grateful for everything and proud of where I am and what I have done thanks to UAlbany. If I had to choose again where to study, it would be UAlbany.”


Jane Zheng

Jane Zheng

Scott M. McGovern '87 Memorial Scholarship

"I think about how fortunate and grateful I am to be one of the recipients of the McGovern Scholarship. It's allowed me to dedicate much more time to my studies rather than working to pay for my education."


Tierney Nash

Tierney Nash

Rockefeller College Diversity Scholarship

“As an independent student who is returning to school at 25 years old, I finally feel as though I am back on track in my life and have a chance at pushing all the way through to obtaining a graduate degree, something no one in my family has ever done.”


Michael Kozar

Michael Kozar

The Martin and Jean Goldsmith Scholarship

“This is all possible with your help and your generosity to give me this scholarship and again I can't thank you enough for that. UAlbany has treated me really well and I am looking forward what my future holds. Thank you so much again I can't thank you enough.”